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New Homes

Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect home. That’s why we are focused on creating homes that are expertly designed and driven by you. Whatever your vision may be, our experienced team will make it happen. We take pride on ensuring the experience of building your home is pleasant and memorable. 

At Australian Quality Constructions you are at the forefront of every step, and we will communicate with you clearly every step of the way. From our in-house designer to the build team and premium suppliers, your experience with us will be more than just building your home. While we are cost competitive, our focus is on the quality of the work we provide.


Land sub-divisions can sometimes be tricky. What are the land division rules and regulations in your policy area? What is the minimum allotment size required in your area? And how to go about it?... Our expert team can help you unlock the maximum potential of your land. We have in-depth knowledge of council and local government development requirements and how to meet them.


Looking to develop your property? Look no further! We can help from concept to construct. Whether you have experience with property development or are wondering where to start, we can help. At Australian Quality Constructionswe have been successfully developing all shapes and sizes of blocks over the last 14 years.

No matter the size your project, from concept to construct we focus on the following 5 steps:

1-  Planning;planning is crucial for any project to succeed. Our expert team have the development knowledge to unlock the maximum potential of your property. We can give you an overview before you commit to your project.

2-  Design;The key to success is efficient design. Our in-house designer has the experience to maximise space and minimise cost.

3-  Divide;Once we know your property potentials, we can lodge applications, make sure the conditions are met and obtain approvals.

4-  Demolish;Our environment is important so let our expert team do the dirty work for you and clean up afterwards.

5- Develop; Once selections are made and final approvals are received, construction of your new homes will begin.